hey mama, i know you...

We know that environmental factors play a huge role in our health and the one environment we have control over is our home!

Since having kids, I have made it my mission to create a home that is free of toxins.

You are just like me, a little burnt out on trying to figure out which companies are doing honest work and creating products with our families' best interest in mind. 

I learned the disappointing standards in place by our government, found a way to identify products with hidden toxins, and sent my family's wellness on a whole new trajectory. All while saving time, staying on my tight budget, and supporting sustainability for good ole Mother Nature.

I was tired of being deceived by marketing labels that called products "Natural", "Gentle", and even "Organic". 

Personal coaching session

+ Clean home presentation
+ How to identify hidden toxins
+ Who in the family is most susceptible to these dangers
+ Deceiving marketing vocabulary
+ Product elimination priority list
+ Create a 3-month kickstart plan
+ Product resource list
+ 80 page natural resource lookbook

toxin free - $75

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